We awaited  this project excitedly for a long time...In march 2017 we finally travelled to Emene, Nigeria with seven young volunteers.

The orphanage NNO (=welcome), was founded by Gabi Aviv from Tübingen and is located nearby the school. In one week time a clourfull playground was created for the 500 students. Not only the children were helping our crew working at 40 degrees.... a local carpenter prepared the the local materials, other local craftsmen were inspired to join the work.
Ideal conditions for a follow-up project...

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Nigeria. Even if we have seen many countries, the project there was a real adventure, with a lot of questions at the beginning. Not even traveling there and getting a visa is easy. Watching the news about this country also didn't ease the choice to go there...

Looking back, we are incredibly happy that we dared to do this project. A huge thank you goes to Gabi and Olileanya e.V. for the cooperation (and of course all the breakfasts and mango jam).