What's up at KuKuk Kultur?


Currently there are no projects for you to join. 
...Yes, we are sad too :(


The good news are: Kukuk Kultur never gets bored.

The bad news: all the projects abroad needed to be canceled due to the current pandemic situation.

Currently we are using our playground knowledge for smaller projects in Germany.


Who knows exactly what 2021 will bring along and how the global pandemic situation will develop?

Anyway, in case the global situation allows us to travel again, we want to be prepared to start our projects right away. Therefor we are currently planning playground projects in the following countries:

Lebanon, Italy, Greece, Georgia, Rumania,Germany

Our own book!

Unexpectedly the pandemic provided some spare time for us!
We used that time to create an extensive book about our work.

The result: 420 pages, fine paper, bound in a "Suisse brochure"

The limited first edition exists of 100 pieces only and can be purchased  
only from us directly.