What's up at KuKuk Kultur?

How dreams come true at Kölnberg 

Something very special happened with the construction of the play areas. The children of Kölnberg could experience for themselves how they can make a difference and we were allowed to be part of this small miracle. We are very grateful to have been part of this long journey. 

Off to Cameroon...

Together with the Patrizia Foundation we are building a playground for the Henri Vieter School in Yaoundé.   During the construction we are supported by employees of Patrizia AG and volunteers from Yaoundé.


Kosovo Calling 

This year we will build two playgrounds in Kosovo. We were invited to Shtime again transform the yard of the nursery into a playing paradise. The other project will be in primary school of Runik.  Stay tuned!

Impression of Georgia with Erasmus+

Young people from Germany and Georgia got together in Saguramo to set a sign for international solidarity and coorporation. For more information follow this link.