What's up at KuKuk Kultur?


Finally the time has come! The children in the Shatila Refugee Camp have their playground and are obviously very happy about it!

Since the beginning of 2020, the NGO justchildhood has been waiting for their long-awaited playground. The material had also been ready for two years. The project in Lebanon was one of the many projects that were on hold due to the pandemic. But the project was not only special because of that. We were able to immerse ourselves in both Lebanese and Palestinian culture...

KuKuk Move!

We are happy to welcome our new members in the KuKuk family! KuKukMove is the name of our new generation of playground builders and is a group of young people from Stuttgart who will not only plan and build a project in Cluj together with our media educator David Finscher, but also record the whole work in the media. You can follow them on their Instagram profile kukukmove 


Next year we will continue with the social projects. Would you like to join us on one of our projects or help organize one? Then just write us a message via the contact form or a mail on info@kukuk-kultur.de.

Our own book!

Unexpectedly the pandemic provided some spare time for us!
We used that time to create an extensive book about our work.

The result: 420 pages, fine paper, bound in a "Suisse brochure"

The limited first edition exists of 100 pieces only and can be purchased  
only from us directly.