Current Coreteam

...besides many loose players, site managers, playground heroes and other supporters  

BERNHARD HANEL chairman & founder

Our founder Berni has the greatest heart for children, arts and the topic "play". One of his biggest talents is to inspire people. At KuKuk Kultur he is always up for innovative ideas and change.


Multitasking and numbers are only two of Daniels talents. Apart from being a voluntary chairman in our team he is a science teacher and works in the field of school software. At KuKuk Kultur Daniel takes care about technical questions and finances and is the man for greater challenges.


is an architect and pedagogue and is working as a playground designer for KuKuk Freiflug GmbH.
At KuKuk Kultur she the woman for the soft tones due to her calm and sensitive personality. Once in a year she takes part in a playground project abroad as a volunteer.

GANIMETE PRONAJ projectcoordinator

Ganimete, also known as Gonni has been working in the KuKuk office since November 2020 and is responsible for the day-to-day business of the association as well as the coordination and planning of the projects. She studied art therapy and has already experimented with media and installation art, and for her it is clear that art and culture must be there for everyone.

JULIAN PFAB chairman

Julian is pedagogue and father of two. He met KuKuk Kultur while organizing school trips himself. He accompanied several projects and due to this experiences he was happy to join the organizational part of KuKuk Kultur as a chairman.

JOHANNES LEMCKE head of construction

Johannes is a father of four, master carpenter and worked in Brasil, Africa and Switzerland before he came to KuKuk Kultur full-time.
He is an epitome of calmness that provides our participants with great routine, a lot of experience and a massive talent for improvisation.

DAVID FINSCHER  projectcoordinator

Since 2021 David is project coordinator at KuKuk. The further David is clown, juggler and musican. You can see him on stage, when he is not, as in the years 2018 to 2020, on a great circus tour (GO HAPPY) from Germany to Iran.