Despite of the following list: Every human, every location and every concern is different and therefor there is no such thing as a standard for KuKuk Kultur.

Projects are developed in participation. Together withe the personalities that initiated them.

Do you have a crazy idea for a project? Tell us about it!

Social school trips

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Social school trips are often what we call "the heart" of KuKuk Kultur. Roundabout one year the class prepares the social projects with us.
The places of action are versatile: childrens´ hospitals, social institutions, schools, orphanages... Worldwide, but due to sustainability reasons we prefer locations where we can travel to by bus and train.

In one week time a fully equipped professional playground is planned and formed by the students, together with the locals. Our highly experienced team of playground builders is supervising the construction to have a safe result at the end.

Playing is healing

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Our service in areas of crisis

Playing is not luxury but a bare necessity for children to grow up sane. Children in areas of war and crises desperately need safe spaces for playing as they are suffering irreparable from unstable realities.
At critical areas we work with small teams to set up creative spaces. In areas where a lot of children are traumatized we team up with experts for emergency and trauma aid. It is proven, that play can actually help children overcome severe trauma

Circus projects

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Manege der Kulturen, der Clown Pipo, Circuleum

KuKuk Kultur e.V. functions as a roof for different circus projects:
"Manege der Kulturen" provides circus training for colorful groups of children and young people. International circus projects are organized.
The team also owns a beautiful old fire truck, their Circusmobile, that can be used flexibly for example at cultural events.

Mobile playgrounds in shipping containers

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We can't work on site all the time with a big team. Especially for dangerous areas, locations far away or temporary needs KuKuk Kultur developed a playground in a shipping container. Prefabricated in Germany the container can be shipped and set up anywhere with two people and a crane in around two hours. 


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Meeting spaces at asylum centres

In 2015 we built the first VIEL.PLATZ in Stuttgart Öhringen together with around 500 children, young people, neighbors and the residents. Many more followed. We start with identify the needs with the residents and neighbors and work on the implementation together. We can improve the  quality of life a little with these projects in narrow, crowded refugee shelters. While working together strangers meet each other and become neighbors.

Social-days for companies

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Teams swap their suits and computers to wood and machines. Incredible what's possible with a big group in just one day! The change of perspective benefits everbody: the users as well as the teams  that are building. They added value to a social institution, experience the team in different roles and a different environment. We organize these kinds of events, choose an institution and love to built even with big teams like 150 peoples.