KuKuk Kultur e.V.

We are determined to protect the place called childhood with all our heart and strength. Therefore we’re building creative play spaces together with children, teenagers and other volunteers worldwide.

How dreams come true at Kölnberg

Something very special happened with the construction of the play areas. The children of Kölnberg could experience for themselves how they can make a difference and we were allowed to be part of this small miracle. We are very grateful to have been part of this long journey. 

Off to Cameroon...

Together with the Patrizia Foundation we are building a playground for the Henri Vieter School in Yaoundé.   During the construction we are supported by employees of Patrizia AG and volunteers from Yaoundé.


We are happy to welcome our new members to the KuKuk family! KuKukMove is the name of our new generation and is a group of young people from Stuttgart who, together with our media educator David Finscher, will not only plan and build a project in Cluj, but also record the whole thing in the media. You can follow them on their Instagram profile kukukmove 

Impression of Georgia with Erasmus+

Young people from Germany and Georgia got together in Saguramo to set a sign for international solidarity and coorporation. 

Oh, Beirut!

Since the beginning of 2020, the NGO justchildhood had been waiting for their long-awaited playground. The material had also been ready for two years. The project in Lebanon was one of the many that were on hold due to the pandemic. But this was not the only reason why it was a very special project. We were able to immerse ourselves in the Lebanese as well as the Palestinian culture.


Would you like to join us on one of our projects or help organise one? Then simply send us a message via the contact form or an email to [email protected].

"Look at all the pictures of beautiful spaces that have been formed, the faces of the children and the grown-ups and you can spare out every theoretical explanation about benefits and worth of this commitment. The sharing of joy, the common efforts to master difficulties, the work that unites children as well as adults: all these things speak louder than words."

Gabriele Pohl, 
Author, researcher in educational sciences & play therapist

Personal introductions of our teams’ favourite projects


„Our projects in the middle of crisis areas are touching me the most. For example experiencing the the history and the rich culture of the Yazidis. their hospitality, philosophy, visiting their sacred sites in NorthernbIraq. Being told there about their sufferings due to ISIS and Saddam Hussein is hardly bearable for us coming from Europe never have experienced war ourselves. We felt honoured being able to build a playground for and with children of an orphanage near to one oft he he big refugee camps there.“