Eight volunteers from Germany step into the adventure again an travel to Nigeria in May 2018 to build a playground at a school for children with all sorts of disabilities.

The TDCC is a rather special place with exactly the right spirit for this kind of institution: hundreds of kids play and learn here, some of them even live there. No physical or mental differentness is attracts huge attention, all the differences together create an integral whole. Awesome!

The projects' conditions are challenging: electric energy is rare, machines and tools are old and our understanding of time is quite different to the one of the locals. Nevertheless, everybody gives the best: within two weeks team KuKuk and the locals let the magic happen. An interesting playspace for children with and without disabilities is created.


Among others this project was supported by:

-      Mitmachen Ehrensache Stuttgart

-      children for a better world

-      W.P. Schmitz Stiftung