It is not only the fact that this is the first project abroad since the pandemic that makes our project in Zanzibar special - there are many special people involved in this project who make the Zanzibar Steiner School on the semi-autonomous island of Tanzania a very wonderful place.

First of all, we were called by two freshly graduated high school graduates from Stuttgart, Fabio Perol and Oskar Huber.  Like most, they want to enjoy their newfound freedom and see the world. For the two of them, however, it is clear that they want more than just to travel. They want to use their time to create something sustainable. So Fabio and Oskar, who are not only enthusiastic about the circus, but are also quite talented at it themselves, decide to do it. To pass on their enthusiasm, they travel to Zanzibar for a voluntary service. That's how the two ended up at the Zanzibar Steiner School on the tropical holiday island. 

First of all, the island is better known than the tropical tourist island. But once there, you quickly realise that the island has two faces. Besides the luxurious beach tourism, many Zanzibaris live in poverty on the island. State schools in Tanzania are underfunded, meagre and lovelessly furnished. The Zanzibar Steiner School is a Waldorf school that teaches students who grow up in particularly difficult family circumstances, including many orphans. 

Fabio and Oskar have their circus equipment in their luggage and start right away with their circus programme. But that is not enough for them. They want to leave behind something that will have an impact beyond their limited time. That's why they are busy collecting donations for an adventure play tower for the school and got us, the team from KuKukKultur e.V., on board. Our team worked with Fabio, Oskar and the whole school for a week on a wonderful play paradise for the pupils.