A little different school trip:after one year of preparation, plannings, and fundraising the 12th graders of the Freie Waldorfschule Gutenhalde went of to Spain for their social project.

Working and living environment for the week was an former monastery where a young Waldorf initiative moved in. After the warm welcome of parents, children and teachers the site was inspected extensively, wishes were told and evaluated and plans were made.

Yet the other day holes were dug by hand and machine, boards were prepared, main poles erected and concrete poured. During the week the students constructed a fully equipped playground mentored by our playground building experts. Parents and children joined with great joy.

The former 12th graders can be sure to have friends in the small village, and that they are welcome here anytime. The project initiators mentioned countless times that the project encouraged them a lot.

"At the end of the project everybody gathered in the schoolyard. Parents, teachers, mentors that that rather became companions and our group. Unified trough a giant pan of paella and a project that became bigger than we all thought it would. To finally see the children running to the new playground, explored anything and showed each other  everything with beaming delight. That turned out to be the moment we all worked for so long, the moment, we made it."

RAPHAEL, STUDENT about the project