Glowing eyes and laughing faces

Not only the children and young people are happy when they go back to school after such a long time and can meet their friends again. We, too, are thrilled that we have been implementing the first participation project again since 2019. 
We built with the DK classes of the Mörikeschule. A total of 40 students from Syria, Kosovo and Rumania helped us building up a balancing play structure and a chiller corner for four days. 

It was great to see how the children and young people absorbed the encounter and the craft knowledge with motivation. The work steps were quickly learned and even the initially shy ones were able to handle the angle grinder and drill like real professionals at the end. Working together, we overcame language barriers and created a marvel together. The children's eyes sparkle proudly and they never stop laughing. So we have achieved our goal!

Mörikeschule elementary and vocational school, Nürtingen, Germany
Viola Berlin, Principal
Rotary Club Nürtingen