The preparation period was packed with meetings with all the different parties involved: municipal offices to get the official go, the Group of Friends to speak about the process and the financing, the inhabitants to get to know each other and to learn about their needs, with the staff, 
with the company of Daimler that wanted to send a group of volunteers...

At the end of October the realization phase finally started. A digger helped with the holes, the wood truck was unloaded by volunteers of the accommodation. In the next days around 25 people worked together. It's always the same: the kids were the ones opening the doors for us adults to get to know each other. The playground opening was  celebrated with a intercultural buffet.

Each of our joint projects show how to actively create our environment as a team. All kind of humans work together and learn from each other. 
Every time the outside of a refugee accommodation is made more beautiful and functional, there are less conflicts and violence inside.