Involving young adults in children's hospice project

"It's wrong if you think we are a sorrowful place only. There is a lot of laughter and joy here!" care service manager Mrs Müller explains to us.

If a child receives a fatale diagnosis the family gets access to 28 days in a hospice anually. A time, in which the children are intensively cared about and at the same time parents, brothers and sisters and other relatives are relieved.

The KIWANIS Club got in touch with KuKuk Kultur at the beginning of 2019. We collaborated in other projects abroad before. This time they came with the idea of supporting a local participatory project for young people. The group involved would be youth service association Neuhausen auf den Fildern. 

Bringing the two things together completed our mission: we would like to create a  beautiful atmosphere in this though place. Whimsical, happy, stimulating, beautiful. Together, to add even more value.

A cooperation with Kukuk Freiflug & KuKuk GmbH