IMECE-village (named after the local association Imece inisiyatifi) is a small self-supported infrastructure for refugee that got hit by destiny really hard. Refugees that landed in Turkey, especially women and children, can stay here for two weeks. The goals are to calm down, strengthen, getting hope and start a new life.

Leander Dreissig, TOLLEREI, and the team of STELP organized a mixed team of volunteers. The atmosphere in the team is good, the construction week is filled with joy and laughter most of the time. 

The cold Augean winds whistled in our ears and around the construction site. Sweet chai (black tea, half tea, half sugar) warms from deep inside and brings people together.

The rotten old playground gets upcycled. We integrated it in KuKuk style into the newly build playground:crazily crooked. We planted orange tree and lavender, built seating areas and steps. 

The community meals are a particular nice experience: Turkish women (all local volunteers) care abut us with delicious traditional meals.

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