Projectteam and main participants were 12th graders of the Waldorfschule Silberwald consisting of 24 students.

The class about her intensions: "We didn't want to rest our legs during our graduation trip. We had the intension to do a social project together. Our class decided for Georgia independently, as the residents are poor, but the country has an moving history and interesting landscape. A combination we would like to explore for another week after the project."

Contacts were established quickly through the network of the Waldorf community worldwide. An initiative from Batumi, located at the Black Sea,  connected us with the municipality which allowed us to do a public playground project. Three days before the project started: shock! The project location we agreed to is cancelled due to a planned demolition of a building nearby...

Spontaneously another possibility shows up: at the end we are building in a courtyard, surrounded by four big houses. The location turns out perfectly for the project: as all the balconies of the inhabitants face the construction site contacts are made quickly. Once we explained our project ideas friends are made quickly and support in many ways is offered. Throughout the whole week the community is strengthened and at the end every participant knows where to go for electricity, a coffee, a ride, material questions or just for a nice little chat.

Surprising visitors: Jan and David, Go Happy , two artists on a trip around the world came by and stayed for the project. Their presence always enriches projects as they make circus with the kids: slackening, juggling and acrobatics and clowning.

We didn't only build a playground. We were allowed to get a deep insight in the Georgian way of life and culture. The locals told their stories and made barbecue mussels on the fire pit for us. 

At the end of the week we said goodbye to new friends of a former unknown country.